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Johnny and the Lawmen is a classic rock band from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Originally formed in June, 1986, Johnny and the Lawmen performed their entertaining rock n’ roll show in bars and private parties throughout Windsor and Essex County until September, 1988. In the beginning, the band recorded a demo tape for the purpose of getting gigs and amazingly enough, it did. Our first public performance was a jam night, at the Ottawa Tavern, in Windsor. Our first paid show was at the Belle River Park Place. We really thought we had made it when we saw our name in lights on the billboard sign coming into town, just before the bridge. Our last show was at the Talbot Trail in Leamington. In 2011, Johnny and Clint (Drummer) reconnected. A reunion followed shortly, sparking the desire to reform the band. In 2013, John put a new band in place and by September, 2013, Johnny and the Lawmen were again hitting the stages around Windsor and Essex County. The band has always been about the fun and that formula has proven very successful for us over the years. It is an awesome feeling to see everyone having so much fun dancing, singing and playing along with us. Hold on to those wristbands… you never know what the future holds… guaranteed it will be fun.

Lead Vocals

Lead Guitar



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